City Of Lodi Municipal Code (2024)

1. Your Government | Lodi, CA

  • Lodi Municipal Code. Go to the Lodi Municipal Code, which details the relevant ordinances in the City of Lodi. Mapping. Visit the City of Lodi's online ...

  • Gather information about government services, departments, offices, boards, commissions, and elected officials.

2. City of Lodi, WI - eCode360

  • Ch 15 Boundaries, City · Ch 23 Citations · Ch 30 Common Council · Ch 38 Court, Joint Municipal · Ch 49 Elections · Ch 52 Emergency Management · Ch 54 Ethics, ...

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3. Planning Division | Lodi, CA

4. Borough of Lodi, NJ Table of Contents - eCode360

  • Court, Municipal (§ 29-1 – § 29-13) · Chevron icon. Chapter 33 Defense and Indemnification (§ 33-1 – § 33-6) · Chevron icon · Chapter 45 Fire Department (§ 45-1 ...

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5. [PDF] PLANNING AND ZONING CODE - The Village of Lodi

6. Zoning Department - Borough of Lodi

  • The Borough of Lodi's Zoning Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the Borough's Zoning, Subdivision and Site Plan Ordinances. The ...

  • The Borough of Lodi's Zoning Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the Borough's Zoning, Subdivision and Site Plan Ordinances. The department is involved in long-term planning of the Borough through Master Plan amendments and Land Development Ordinance revisions. The staff is available to answer any questions and provide assistance to residents who wish to appear before either the Planning Board or Zoning Board or apply for a Zoning Permit.Additionally the Zoning Department is responsible for:Guiding the appropriate use or development of all lands in the Borough in a manner which will promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the communityIssuing permits for the use and/or occupancy of any building or structure - Certificates of Occupancy or Continued OccupancySecuring safety from fire, flood, panic and other natural and man-made disastersProviding adequate light, air and open spaceEnsuring that the development of the Borough does not conflict with the development and general welfare of neighboring municipalities, the county and the state as a wholePromoting the establishment of appropriate population densities and concentrations that will contribute to the well-being of persons, neighborhoods, communities and regions and preservation of the environmentEncouraging the appropriate and efficient expenditure of public funds by the coordination of public development with land use policiesProviding sufficient space in appropriate locations for a variety of agricultural, residential, recreational, commercial and industrial uses and open space, both public and private, according to their respective environmental requirements, in order to meet the needs of all New Jersey citizensEncouraging the location and design of transportation routes which will promote the free flow of traffic while discouraging location of such facilities and routes which result in congestion or blightPromoting a desirable visual environment through creative development techniques and good civic design and arrangementsPromoting the conservation of historic sites and districts, open space, energy resources and valuable natural resources in the state and to prevent urban sprawl and degradation of the environment through improper use of landEncouraging planned unit developments which incorporate the best features of design and relate the type, design and layout of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational development of the particular siteEncouraging senior citizen community housing constructionEncouraging coordination of the various public and private procedures and activities shaping land development with a view of lessening the cost of such development and to the more efficient use of the landPromoting utilization of renewable energy sourcesPromoting the maximum practicable recovery and recycling of recyclable materials from municipal solid waste through the use of planning practices designed to incorporate the State Recycling Plan goals and to compliment municipal recycling programsFormsResale CCOBusiness CCOTenancy CCOConnection Unit Application - PVSCContractor License ApplicationDumpster Permit ApplicationLocal Permit ApplicationPlanning Board Hearing ApplicationRoad Opening Permit ApplicationSite Plan WaiverSoil Movement ApplicationZoning Board Hearing ApplicationZoning Permit ApplicationContact Information

7. Planning & Zoning | Lodi, WI - Official Website

  • ... City of Lodi municipal boundary, complete the Extraterritorial Land Division ... code, this application must be approved by the Plan Commission and City Council.

  • The City of Lodi contracts with MSA Professional Services, Inc. for the services of a Zoning Administrator. Steve Tremlett is the city’s Zoning Administrator and is responsible for facilitating Plan Commission meetings and the review of planning and zoning applications. Questions regarding planning and zoning applications or issues can be directed to Steve. All planning and zoning applications should be submitted to the City Clerk along with the associated fee.

8. Is there a city ordinance against early morning noise? - Lodi News-Sentinel

  • There is, but it appears the gardener is doing his work within the permitted hours. Per city code, it is unlawful to have high levels of noise between 10 p.m. ...

  • Dear Jennifer: My neighbor's gardener arrives prompty at 7:15 every Monday morning and fires up the lawn mower while my newborn and I are still asleep. Is there a city

9. Ordinance Notices - Borough of Lodi

  • Mon - Fri 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.. Translate. Borough of Lodi, 1 Memorial Drive, Lodi ...

  • BOROUGH HALL will be temporarily closed until further notice due to cleaning and remediation work.Please visit our website: for online servicesBorough Hall: 973-365-4005Building/Zoning Department: 201-296-5154For in-person assistance please visit: Public Works located on 20 Richmond Street Lodi, NJ

City Of Lodi Municipal Code (2024)


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